/txt/ This MIT website will tell you how memorable your photos are using artificial intelligence

by 5xa

You know a memorable photo when you see one, but now so does a new artificial intelligence (AI) system called LaMem.

MIT’s website lets you upload your photos to try out the algorithm, which we first saw over at Discover Magazine.

To create LaMem, the researchers showed a random set of 60,000 images to users of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk site.

Then, as Turk users were shown photos, one image would appear every so often to see if people remembered it.

Using photo-recall data for many different photos, the researchers hammered out a few principles of memorable images and coded LaMem into existence.

Here’s how it works — and how it fared when we uploaded some unarguably iconic images.


marilyn memorableWikimedia Commons/LaMem


Rebecca Harrington


link http://www.techinsider.io/lamem-website-judges-how-memorable-photos-are-2016-1

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